aosphere LLP (formerly Derivative Services LLP) specialises in providing user-friendly access to complex legal information for institutions large and small. We use our expertise in all aspects of derivatives trading and key compliance issues like shareholding disclosure, marketing restrictions and cross border data transfers to provide subscription products which help you to reduce legal, regulatory and operational risk. Our secure data management system allows you to manage your bespoke legal documents alongside your aosphere subscriptions offering a seamless, one-stop solution to risk reduction.


Aug 2015 - Our Head of Business Development is relocating to the US from September to serve even better our US clients.

Jul 2015 - netalytics has been enhanced to cover various ISDA clearing opinions. Click here for details.

Jul 2015 - Reverse enquiry in the EEA – Beware of the pitfalls. Interesting article from the aosphere team.

Jul 2015 - Bangladesh now live on Rulefinder Shareholding Disclosure. The service now covers 87 jurisdictions.

Jun 2015 - We will be exhibiting at the ISDA Annual North America (17 Sep) and Europe (22 Sep) Conferences. Click here for details.

May 2015 - The adoption of our services is gaining further momentum. We now have 220 institutions (up from 200 last November) using our services.

Feb 2015 - New Rulefinder G20 product covering the G20 initiated regulatory requirements for derivatives.

Jan 2015 - We have a new name! Derivative Services LLP is now called aosphere LLP. Learn more.