Our derivatives products cover the principal issues of netting, collateral taking, pre-trade due diligence and derivatives regulatory requirements across the spectrum of derivatives products, whether governed by ISDA documentation, the Global Master Repurchase Agreement, the EFET documents or other market standard documentation.

netalytics makes conducting your netting analysis simple.

A joint venture with ISDA, netalytics provides a standard colour-coded report with answers to 14 key netting questions for each jurisdiction covered by an ISDA netting opinion. Recently netalytics has been enhanced to cover the ISDA principal to principal model clearing opinions with clearing reports for each published clearing member reliance opinion and client reliance opinion. Features include a compare function, version control and source hyperlinks.

Reports are quickly updated to reflect new or updated opinions published by ISDA, plus the alert function delivers updates directly to your inbox to ensure you're always on top of developments.